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Importance of Basics
What is Shugyo?

Chito-Ryu Learning Resources

These resources are provided to help guide you towards a deeper understanding of Chito-Ryu Karate-do. Newsletters of the ICKFA and a few other selected resources will be made publicly available. And in the members area of the website (log-in required) an ever growing list of resources including videos are available general members, and instructors.

Training In Japan

During July this year (2012), a Noonan Sensei, Australian Chito-Ryu Honbucho (Chief Instructor) lead a trip to the Sohonbu with a group of his students. This is the first time ever that Noonan Sensei has take a group like this and by all accounts the trip was a great success. The group of attendees have taken the time to collect their thoughts to share the experience with other who may be wanting to follow in their footsteps in the years ahead.

Read about their experiences now: The Trip To Self Discovery (PDF).

The River of Knowledge

A newsletter for members of the ICKFA. One printed copy of the latest issue has been distributed to each ICKFA dojo, please ask your instructor where you can find it. Alternatively, please feel free to print your own copy or save a copy from the link below.

Upcoming Events

  • 10th Soke Cup International Chito-Ryu Karate Championships, 7-8 August, Kumamoto, Japan
  • QLD Training Camp - Sunshine Coast, 8-10 October - Registration forms now available
  • National Tournament - Wentworth Falls, NSW, Sunday 24th October

Latest News

  • Regional Tournament - Sunshine Coast, Sunday 13 June 2009 - Results [PDF]
  • Regional Tournament - Gold Coast, Sunday 18th April - Results [PDF]
  • 2009 National Tournament - Sunshine Coast, 25 October 2009 - Results [PDF]
  • 2009 Gold Coast Regional Tournament - 16 August 2009 - Results [PDF]
  • 2009 Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament - Sunday 21 June 2009. Results [PDF]
  • 2009 Blue Mountains Regional Tournament - Sunday 3 May 2009. Results [PDF]
  • 2008 National Championships - Sunday 26th October 2008. Results [PDF]
  • 2008 Gold Coast Tournament - Sunday 14th September 2008. Results [PDF]
  • 2008 Bathurst Tournament - Sunday 10th August 2008. Report and results [PDF]
  • 2008 Sunshine Coast - Tournament Results [PDF]
  • 2008 Sydney Tournament - Thank You message from Shane Ker Sensei

The Philosophy of Chito-Ryu: Selected Resources

When starting a study of Chito-Ryu, many people wonder what is the secret. (Un)Fortunately, there is no secret, it's quite simple really, train and live by the principles of the showa, and really study your basics. In Chito-Ryu, "there are only basics, from basics one learns everything."

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