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About Chito-Ryu
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What is Chito-Ryu?

Not all martial arts are the same! Chito-Ryu™ is a traditional form of Karate with an international headquarters in Kumamoto, Japan. The founder Dr Chitose (1898 – 1984) was a medical doctor that studied at the prestigious Tokyo University. Dr Chitose came from a renowned martial arts family and was instructed by the most famous names in the Karate world at that time.

In 1946 Dr Chitose developed the Chito-Ryu™ system based on his lifetime of study as the 6th master of To-de (pre-cursor to modern day Karate), combining the strengths of Shuri no Te (now known as Shorin-Ryu) and Naha no Te (now known as Shorei-Ryu) with his knowledge of physiology.

Chito-Ryu™ retains the devastating self defence techniques of the fighting tradition and yet is particularly beneficial for ones health. Through the training of Chito-Ryu™ one can build an indomitable spirit and a strong body and mind. The benefits gained through training are advantageous for all areas of life.

Chito-Ryu™ is an traditional form of Karate-Do with a clear lineage and roots that trace back over a thousand years. Learn more about the history of Chito-Ryu™.

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